tenimuho: (where is your sense of indignation)
These can be found at the bottom of Oda's trunk, if Leon or anyone cares to go through it. They're folded up with the name of the person they're addressed to on top.
tenimuho: (I can't help but feel the sadness)

☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Reference. 6'0" tall, red hair, nearly constantly seen with stubble. Does this man shave? It's a mystery.
♚ FASHION: He's going to be wearing the Champion's unitard in Airlocked most of the time, but when he has his own choice, he mostly dresses in neutral colors with long coats. Pinstripes are about as wild and crazy as he gets with the patterns.
♚ DEMEANOUR: Oda is an inexpressive person. Except in extreme circumstances, his facial expressions are probably mild, and he doesn't draw much attention to himself.
♚ SOUND: He's the speaker here. Voiced by Suwabe Junichi. Like his expressions, Oda's voice is mild and even. He rarely shouts.
♚ SCENT: He probably has a normal man's cologne??
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: N/A for the setting
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: N/A for the setting


♚ BACKTAGGING: Absolutely! I'll backtag until infinity.
♚ FOURTHWALLING: Oda shares the name of a notable author from Japan and knows many other people named after famous Japanese authors, so you can reference that if you want to, but Oda's response will probably be something like 'it's probably a coincidence' and leave it at that.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Oda probably won't stop people from hugging him, but he probably won't respond either. Just. Confused blink.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: It's a murdergame, so. Someone will die, it might be him. If we thread out a fight with powers on, I'm going to need to communicate with you directly because of Oda's future-predicting power.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: If it happens, cool, but it's not something I'm specifically looking for.

☄ Permissions

♚ SENSITIVE SUBJECTS: Oda's canon storyline includes sensitive subjects such as child death and suicidal ideation. While he won't be quick to bring either of those things up, if you absolutely do not want either of these mentioned in threads with you, just let me know.
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